Ellen Briggs – The Sit Down Comedy Club

Ellen Briggs – The Sit Down Comedy Club

WHEN: Friday 28th & Saturday 29th February 2020 7.30pm

WHERE: Main Room – The Paddo Tavern

COST: $31.00 online, $32.00 by phone or $33.00 at the door

Enjoy a night of PROFESSIONAL LIVE STAND UP COMEDY at The Sit Down Comedy Club!

Hosted by Aaron Pratt Comedy, on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th February, our headliner will be Ellen Briggs!

Ellen Briggs is an author, comedy writer, and professional MC but where she is most at home is on the stage doing stand up comedy.  Ellen has an easy-going, friendly nature that belies the dark wit that lurks beneath. She is completely relatable and it comes naturally to her. It’s been said that “Ellen says out loud the things other mothers only dare to even think”, and that Ellen takes her audience on an observational and hilarious journey through life as an accidental mother of identical twins and the wife of a husband who is away working for 8 months of the year.

She has made an art-form of sneaking really politically incorrect jokes onto the end of “nice” yarns. She launches the punch lines stealthily. You won’t see them coming, but you’ll know when they hit.