Middle Class White Boy – Geordie McGrath

Middle Class White Boy – Geordie McGrath

WHEN: Friday 9th March 2018 9.00pm

WHERE: Trophy Room – The Paddo Tavern

COST: $28 includes booking fee (1 Hour)

Middle Class White Boy

Hot off the heels of winning “Best New Artist” and “Best Cabaret Production” at the Short and Sweet Festival, Geordie McGrath brings his one man show to the Sit Down Comedy Fringe Festival.

Middle Class White Boy is for the Triple J listening, Grade 5 AMEB piano playing rich kids who think they can be the next Tim Minchin because they’ve never been told they shouldn’t try. The twenty-something who thinks he’s the funniest person in his immediate group of friends. The guy who’s an outspoken atheist and shares clips from The Project without watching them to seem “woke”.

We all know them. We all hate them. Geordie hates them so much, he wrote an hour long show to prove it.

Through a series of songs and character bits he not only touches upon issues like Politics, Equality, and Religion but he also is a big silly boy who does big wacky goofs and gaffs. Sometimes, he can be a bit of a naughty boy too.

Basically, This is a satirical musical cabaret* that satirises satirical musical cabarets.

*Please don’t be put off by the word cabaret. Geordie will remain fully clothed and sober throughout the whole show. Honestly, he’s just too early in his career to feel comfortable calling himself a comedian.