Paul Brasch’s Rock ‘n Roll Part 1

Paul Brasch’s Rock ‘n Roll Part 1

WHEN: Friday 16th & Saturday 17th March 2018 9.00pm, Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th March 2018 7.30pm

WHERE: Trophy Room РThe Paddo Tavern

COST: $28 includes booking fee (1 Hour)

Paul Brasch’s Rock ‘n Roll Part 1

Paul Brasch returns with his all new show

Following on from his acclaimed Shows about Brisbane,Superheroes and Monsters …..Paul now sets his unique comedic skills to the story of Rock and Roll and his love of the music.

Spanning the beginnings and the highs and the lows of Rock and Roll……. it’s effect on the world with it’s effect on a very young boy born in Brisbane at the same time the Beatles hit the bigtime…..Paul Brasch…as always… will blend history and comedy and music to take you on a very personal trip through a time when music was everything and maybe….just maybe…it could change the world.

Paul Brasch”s Rock ‘n Roll is the first chapter in a planned trilogy of shows with Part 2 and Part 3 to come later.

They say Rock and Roll is dead…..Paul Brasch will prove them wrong.

Coming March 2018